Good prints are like pasta, it’s never too late to make some.


Faster Than Your Brain.

How does it feel when your car sees what’s happening on the street faster than you? For one of my first assignments at MAS, I had to find a solution without an art director’s help. So I went for this copy-based print.


Don’t Buy This Jacket 2.0.

I was asked to recreate the iconic Don’t Buy This Jacket long copy ad. The price of long lasting winter jackets is that they’ll see glaciers die.


Proudly Part of Pride

Social Media Print published on Heineken’s official instagram account to celebrate Pride Month. Heineken is brewed with all forms of love.


STD in Third World Countries

The brief was to raise awareness of The World Mosquito Program. This not-for-profit initiative fights mosquito-borne diseases through Wolbachia, a bacterium that blocks mosquito’s ability to trasmit them. Wolbachia spreads between mosquitos when they mate AKA have unprotected sex.


When Friendship Is Born.

Social Media Print Campaign for Heineken on Best Friends Day. Because one beer is the best way to know who is your truest friend.