Like starters at a restaurant, nothing beats the thrill of starting a meal or a new business.
To boil it down, I launched startups and personal projects because I loved it and I stayed because I needed money to buy my daily pasta.
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Creative Strategist & Copywriter

A company that reunites streetwear with worth wearing causes.
A platform that crowdfunds social and environmental projects through garments. A disruptive concept I couldn’t say no to. One pandemic and hundreds of zoom calls later – we did it.


Podcast Writer

Suprised by the fact there’s not much Italian content about international advertising,┬ámy friend & art director Hila and I launched Addictive: a weekly YouTube podcast that summarises the best campaigns of the week. A fun way to keep myself always up to date.


Head of Communication

Middle finger to the middleman. This is how we changed the boring Italian bedding industry. From the website to the thank you letter in the packaging, I taught this startup how to speak since it was a baby. But mostly in Italian, mi scusi.


Admin & Founder

People read what interests them, and usually it’s a meme. Created for fun during the 1st lockdown, Miami Meme School is now an unfiltered voice about M.AD loved by students and a bit less by the school directors. I’ve come up with weekly memes since 2 years lol.